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Save Wiccopee Organization exists to protect our quality of life, protect the environment and natural resources, to promote historic preservation, save our community character, and to provide news and information about issues that impact residents in Wiccopee and East Fishkill.

We hope that you enjoy this collection of old photographs, drawings and postcards from the Wiccopee and surrounding area from years gone by.

Sachem Daniel NimhamWiccopee born Sachem Daniel Nimham memorial at the intersections of Routes 52 and 82 in the Brinkerhoff area. A tribute to his service and help in the American Revolutionary War.

Wiccopee, a Historic Colonial era Hamlet and surrounding area in the Town of East Fishkill, Dutchess County, NY, has a rich and vibrant history as lands of Native American's, a thriving Colonial Settlement and vast farmlands before becoming more well know for industry and being a housing community. Please enjoy these images of Wiccopee in the olden days.

We are very grateful for the incredible generosity of Ed and Dianne Hickman of Historic Wiccopee Hamlet for supplying a number of these images and related information.

It would be terrific if you could add to our collection and share Wiccopee area history with others. If you have any old writings, photos, postcards, artifacts and information about our area from years ago and would like to share it on the SWO website, please contact us via the contact form page and write what you have in the "Here's how I can assist..."? section. We would scan, photograph or copy the items with the utmost care. We would be most grateful for any resources that can be shared with other residents. Save and share, our history and our past.

Gildersleeve Mansion Wiccopee


Wealthy John Gildersleeve built this lovely mansion in Wiccopee on his farm. The farm barns were beautiful buildings in their own right, painted a bright yellow. Sadly fire took both the barns and mansion and they are no longer there. This was located across from John Jay High School where Stonebridge is today!

Wiccopee Community Methodist Church


This postcard shows the Wiccopee Community Methodist Church on a Summer's day. Note the long carriage shed to the left of the church. The method of transportion was horse and buggy and the sheds kept the carriages out of the elements while attending church services.

Wiccopee Postcard


An idyllic postcard sends Greetings from Wiccopee, NY. Featuring one of our many water bodies and some farmland, of which Wiccopee had many acres under agriculture at one time.

Wiccopee Church Drawing


This lovely drawing was done by Wiccopee resident Ralph Booth. It features the Wiccopee Community Methodist Church, the nearby eyebrow colonial and it's barns that are currently on Old Grange Rd. bisected from Wiccopee Hamlet when modern Route 52 was built in the 1930's.

Wiccopee Postcard


This fine Wiccopee house in it's prime, with a grand wrap around porch and great architectural details. Originally built in 1783 with additions in 1812. It is said to contain beams from the barracks of the Historic Fishkill Revolutionary War Encampment and Depot. Note the cow being lead down Fishkill Hook Rd. Unfortunately this house was lost to snow-roof collapse in 2014.

Borden's Creamery Operations in Hopewell Junction, NY


With all the farmland and diary activities in Wiccopee and East Fishkill, Borden's had an active Creamery in Hopewell Junction. Postcard showing the buildings at Borden's Creamery. Note the railroad siding.

Wiccopee Postcard


Another postcard from Wiccopee, NY. Showing agricultural assets and rural Wiccopee farmland. Wiccopee was mainly an agrarian society.

House next to General Store


Note the fine front porch, shutters and architectural detailing.

Early Wiccopee Headstone


Up off of East Mountain Road South is a grave stone for colonial Wiccopee settler Michael Hickman who immigrated from Germany. It is also the marker for his Native Wiccopee American wife Freelove.

Dedication of Wiccopee Chief Daniel Nimham Memorial


DEDICATION: Authentic garb of full blooded Indians gave color to the dedication of Chief [Daniel] Nimham's monument at Brinckerhoff Saturday. Grouped about the monument in this News photo are left to right, Derek Brinckerhoff, who unveiled the stone, Chief Paul Horn, William B. Newell, noted Indian authority and lecturer, who recounted the life of Chief Nimham, and Mofsie Sharpshooter who gave a war dance with Chief Horn.

THE BEACON NEWS, Monday, June 6, 1938

Legacy of debris dumping and filling in at proposed Stewart's siteWiccopeeDumping1

This a photo of the site showing the massive filling of the wetlands that existed here. Note: refrigeration unit in the fill that was buried.

Don't let the future of Historic Wiccopee Hamlet look like this - the unattractive backside of a local Stewart's Shop


Historic Wiccopee Hamlet with it's unique history and critical environmental resources should not be reduced to commercial clutter, pollution, traffic, lights and noise.

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